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We will develop a sensor based exercise system to provide eccentric exercise to wheel chair patients

Funded by EYDE-ETAK (GR)

Project Overview

The general objective of the proposal is to develop a functional, “intelligent” and user- friendly lever-propelled exercise system, called FIT-WHEEL (Functional and Intelligent Training system for WHEELchair users), which can be adapted to wheelchairs available in the market and support the rehabilitation process on a personalized basis. FIT-WHEEL will be functional because it will be feasible to accommodate each person’s specific needs and be used at his own home environment. The proposed exercise system will be intelligent, because it will integrate video games in real-time while exercising (exergaming) and provide individual feedback via a smart phone/tablet application. FIT-WHEEL will emphasize eccentric exercise, during which muscles lengthen while under tension and offer advantages compared to conventional training, due to low-energy cost of force production and subsequent lower fatigue. Moreover, it will be novel and inexpensive, as it will use pneumatic resistance to actuate upper limbs’ rotational movement. Each lever will be actuated by a separate pneumatic device. By changing air pressure in the chamber, it will be possible to adapt the required resistance based on the specific needs of each patient. As a result, the users will be able to improve their strength, aerobic capacity and movement synergy between their upper limbs. The adoption of FIT-WHEEL by the medical community is expected to create a multifaceted impact on the economy and society as a whole. It is estimated that the overall financial cost for the health care system and the society could be decreased up to 15% each year, because FIT-WHEEL will help minimize hospitalization time, the need for continuous expert assistance and users can delay the transition to electric powered wheelchairs. Furthermore, the exploitation of the project’s results could improve competiveness of our country in the middle of the economic crisis, create job opportunities and provide indirect savings for the national economy by reduction of labour-related losses. Last but not least, by maintaining wheelchair users’ mobility and physical condition, FIT-WHEEL could also lower the emergence of social isolation and be essential for improving the quality of life and well-being of the patients, as well as of their families.

WorkPackages and Deliverables

WP1. Technical specs and design of the system

1.1. Market analysis and requirements of end-users

1.2. Technical characteristics and design of sub-parts

WP2. Construction of electro-mechanical parts

2.1. Construction of the skeleton of the system

2.2. Contraction of the pneumatic system

WP3. Software development

3.1. Software integration of electronics

3.2. Software game

3.3. App for mobile devices

WP4. System integration and control

4.1. Prototype ALPHA

4.2 Technical Control of Prototype ALPHA

WP5. System evaluation and results utilisation

5.1. System evaluation

5.2. Publications and Presentations

5.3. Website

5.4. Workshops

WP6. Patent

6.1. Application for patent


Pictures from meetings & events


  • 2018. Greeck Society of Biomechanics, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • 2022. International Conference in Sports Science, Komotini Greece

  • 2022. International Conference ELMO, Athens, Greece

  • 2023. Biomed paper

  • 2023. 4th Internation Conference of Sport Science, Thessaloniki

Final Product

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20230118 182021

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