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Our R&D background

Biomechanical Solutions, founded in 2004, started getting involved with R&D projects in 2008. Since then we have been successful in winning RTD contracts ατ regional and European level. On top of collecting and understanding physiological signals from movement analysis, we provide state of the art solutions in the area of signal processing and sensor integration. Our collaborated members of staff have an outstanding research background and experience. Our close collbaration with other research and technology developers promotes our combined ideas into funded projects that will have a direct impact in the quality of life

Our Research Projects

2018-2020 PARMODE


This research project is to develop a wearable sensor system to monitor the gait of Parkinsons' patients.

More information will come soon

2018-2020 FITWHEEL


This project will develop s sensor based exercise system to provide eccentric exercise to wheel chair patients

More information will come soon

2015-2018 SmartHelmet

Horizon2020, EU
Bicycle helmets are a tremendously important asset against head injuries during accidents. However, their normal use is often associated with strong thermal discomfort due to the (thermally) insulating nature of the materials used in their structures. This affects directly the willingness to wear helmets, which has direct implications in terms of the risk to which riders are exposed to. SmartHELMET will put together research expertise and resources from three large academic partners with market, commercialization and innovation experience from three SMEs, to exchange knowledge through intersectoral staff secondments. The project will bridge research initiatives between the academic and industrial sectors, creating long-term cooperation between them, while raising society awareness about its implications for citizens.

2013-2016 RetourThessaly (completed)

GSRT, Greece
Although relatively unknown in Greece, remedial and rehabilitation tourism is one of the industry’s more advanced and recent segments, which has already succeeded in attracting an increased interest from various scientific and commercial sectors. RETOURTHESSALY built a user friendly e-tourism platform which will effectively accommodated the project’s requirements, developed exercise programmes specific for the needs of each group of patients aiming at improving their physical/medical condition and organised service certification of third parties (i.e. hotels, restaurants, taxi, haemodialysis centres, e.t.c.).

2014-2015 Wishoe (completed)

Gait parameters monitoring and energetic expenditure (EE) calculation is of high importance for patients recovering from diseases that affect movement (e.g. stroke). Currently, gait parameters’ monitoring is made either using the physicians experience or specialised equipment that, apart from being expensive, requires the subject to wear a belt with a data acquisition system and cables running on his legs. The Wi-Shoe project developed a completely non-invasive wearable shoe-based system for measuring gait parameters and EE during walking by integrating miniature sensors in a custom designed sole for different shoe types.

2012-2015 TibialRotator (completed)

GSRT, Greece
Tibial rotation is linked with ACL injury. Until today most clinical assessments of the knee conditions are performed using the KT-1000 which measures only tibial translation. TIBIALROTATOR developed a low cost device to measure tibial rotation for pre-post ACL injury funcional assessment.

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