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Our Background

Biomechanical Solutions, founded in 2004, started getting involved with R&D projects in 2008. Since then we have been successful in winning RTD contracts ατ regional and European level. On top of collecting and understanding physiological signals from movement analysis, we provide state of the art solutions in the area of signal processing and sensor integration. Our collaborated members of staff have an outstanding research background and experience. Our close collbaration with other research and technology developers promotes our combined ideas into funded projects that will have a direct impact in the quality of life

Our Research Projects


2020-2022 - EYDE-ETAK
The purpose of this project is to develop an integrated system for early detection of lameness in cattles, using force plate gait analysis and pattern recognition techniques to identify changes in gait which indicate the onset of lameness. The system will be tested on natural onset of lameness in an organised farm environment.


2020-2022 - EYDE-ETAK

We will develop a wearable system to assess the walking ability in patients with Cerebral Palsy. The proposed system will be functional and “intelligent” and gather information from two wearable sensors placed on the patient’s upper-limbs. This information will help the clinicians to monitor patients’ progress remotely, make treatment decisions and evaluate treatment outcomes.


2020-2022 - EYDE-ETAK
The purpose of this project is to develop an integrated automated system for valid mass removal of farmed fishes with skeletal deformities based on vision analysis and shape pattern recognition techniques


2020-2022 - EYDE-ETAK
The aim of this proposal is to develop an attractive and innovative rehabilitation program for MS patients within a Virtual Reality (VR) environment, in order to support businesses and institutions operating in the field of rehabilitation and medical tourism in Greece.


2020-2022 - EYDE-ETAK
The purpose of the present proposal is to develop a smart insole for foot ulcer prevention in diabetic patients. Pressure sensors and actuators will be embedded into customized insoles to redistribute high-risk plantar pressures in localized plantar regions, such as metatarsal head and heel regions.


2020-2022 - EYDE-ETAK
The aim of this research project is the development of an holistic mechatronic system for the quickest, more economic and very efficient rehabilitation of the cerebral stroke-patients The system will support the patient to perform upper limb movements in the same way that a physician / therapist would help him.


2013-2016 - GSRT
RETOURTHESSALY built a user friendly e-tourism platform which will effectively accommodated the project’s requirements, developed exercise programmes specific for the needs of each group of patients aiming at improving their physical/medical condition and organised service certification of third parties (i.e. hotels, restaurants, taxi, haemodialysis centres, e.t.c.).


212-2015 GSRT
TIBIALROTATOR developed a low cost device to measure tibial rotation for pre-post ACL injury funcional assessment.


2014-2015 - FP7
The Wi-Shoe project developed a completely non-invasive wearable shoe-based system for measuring gait parameters and EE during walking by integrating miniature sensors in a custom designed sole for different shoe types

Our Infrastracture Projects

Support from Regional and National funds to build and/or upgrade our infrastructure


2019-2021 - AEDEP - EFEPAE

Its main purpose is to upgrade our IT and network facilities and security. It was also used to create this web page.


2016-2021 - AEDEP -EFEPAE

Its main purpose is to buy infrastrucure equipment

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Latest News
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  • New contract to install a Vicon, system, a force plate and a swimming analysis system to DUTH

  • New Contract with Greek Swimming Federation to install a swimming analysis system at the Olympic Stadium, Athems

  • New contract with AUTH for two force plates and upgrading their Vicon system

  • New contract with EKETA to provide Vicon Blue Trident IMU Sensors

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