We understand that you need accurate and cost-effective options to provide custom orthotics and diabetic inserts, but in a way that matches your unique business.

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    This is all you need to start making orthotics
    • Model 2080-2090

      Avaiable only as new (2y guarantee)
    • Model 2060

      Available only as refurbished (2y guarantee)
      • Processed and manufactured within three days

      You do not just scan the foot morphology

      You manipulate the foot

      Standard Scanning (comfort orthotic)

      Pad Scanning (e.g metarsalgia, morton)

      Wedge Scanning (e.g flatfoot)

      Do you want to be able to give orthotics within 1h ?

      Get an Amfit mill

      • Model 6000

        Avaiable only as new (2y guarantee)
      • Model 5000

        Available only as refurbished (2y guarantee)

        Do you need help ?

        Our experts Team will design and implement custom solutions to fit your exact needs.

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        • New contract with EKETA to provide Vicon Blue Trident IMU Sensors

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